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Semenov Andrey Olegovich, Postgraduate student, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), E-mail:
Konnov Nikolay Nikolaevich, Candidate of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of computer engineering, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), E-mail:
Gurin Evgeniy Ivanovich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of computer engineering, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The research deals with modern telecommunicational devices (switches). The subject of research is a set of modern telecommunicational devices queue dispatching systems. The purpose of the study is the creation of dispatching discipline that meets the requirements of QoS and the lack of determinism.
Materials and methods. The paper is devoted to the evaluation of the efficiency of queue dispatching algorithms using simulation tools using the CPNTools package, which is based on the application of the mathematical apparatus of color hierarchical Petri nets.
Results. The results of modeling the modifications of the stochastic algorithm and deterministic algorithms are compared.
Conclusions. The results suggest a better allocation of unused bandwidth when using the St1 algorithm in comparison with the classic DRR. 

Key words

Stochastic dispatching system, queueing system, simulation system, CPN Tools, modeling 

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